Welcoming Speech

Respected Participant Enterprises:

Welcome to UDE. In a bid to help you with the preparation, “Exhibitor Manual” is hereby compiled.

This manual will provide important information for your smooth participation. Please carefully read the related contents of the manual. If the specification has been made in the manual and the inconvenience is brought to you due to your fail in reading or execution, we will feel deeply sorry about it.

Please fill in related forms according to the actual demand. The form should be submitted to the designated principal on the top of the form by the end of the date specified on each form. In case of overdue fail in submitting the form, we cannot guarantee to provide the service. The expense for expedited handling and other losses accrued hereupon shall be undertaken by you. Thanks for your cooperation!

In case of any problems and requirements during participation in the exhibition, please contact related contacts listed in the manual.

The exhibition, under the full support of hundreds of famous enterprises at home and abroad and attended by thousands of professional audiences, is the best platform propagandizing the enterprise’s achievements and displaying the brand image. You can seize the opportunity to promote new products, seek business partners, deepen customer relations and expand global market in a high profile.

Download link:UDE&iLife2020 Manual.pdf

China Video Industry Association

Scilinks Exhibtion