UDE2020-New Display Technology 

Background of The Exhibition:

Ever since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy and especially the period of the recent decade, it is the accelerated growth period of great-leap-forward development of the Chinese new display industry. It has been evolved into the main power of the display industry in the world from “the pain of the lack of screen” at the beginning of the development of the display panel, which is basically imported, undergoing the change of remolding thoroughly.

Under the new round of technological revolution and industrial change, the accelerated development of mobile internet, smart terminal, AI and industrial internet has injected development energy into the Chinese new-type display industry. While Chinese new display industry facilitates the competitive development of multiple display technologies, obvious progresses have been made in many fields such as 8K UHD, 3D, flexible and transparent display. Hi-end TET-LCD industry is being cultivated and mass production process of AMOLED panel of middle and small dimensions is being promoted. The deep exploration of technologies including QD-OLED, printing display, Micro LED display, laser display and electronic paper is being carried out to keep improving the innovation capacity. The exploration of technologies expands the application range of the Chinese new display industry, so that application requirements of public transportation, leisure & entertainment, advertising, education & training, virtual reality, smart home and wearable products are gradually satisfied.

The recent decade is the accelerated development phase of the global display industry. Meanwhile, it is also the era of the Chinese display industry to look into the world. Chinese new display industry will be devoted to the comprehensive improvement of many aspects such as technology, industry coordination and talents and improvement of international competitiveness.

Location of The Exhibition Area:

SNIEC (Longyang Road 2345, Pudong New District, Shanghai)-E1E2 Pavilion

Division of The Pavilion

Enterprises to Be Invited:

Enterprises to Be Invited