UDE2020-New Display Materials and Equipment 

Background of The Exhibition

Through accelerated development of recent dozens of years, the output of TFT-LCD panels in the Chinese mainland stands out in the world. Meanwhile, as far as AMOLED panel, there have been more than 6 six-generation production lines constructed, under construction and to be constructed. Th accelerated development of the panel industry provides lots of opportunity and huge growth space for the enterprises in the fields of upstream material and equipment. Thus, the remarkable development of the domestic material and equipment enterprises is realized. Meanwhile, outstanding achievement has already been achieved in all fields. However, foreign-funded material and equipment enterprises have increased investment in the Chinese mainland one by one, and they also have expedited the localization.

The market scale of over 100 billion Yuan has already been formed for the upstream materials in China. There is huge potential in domestic growth of many materials such as LCD material, drive IC, polaroid, backlight module, baseplate glass, color filter, high-purity and ultra-clean reagent, target materials, photoresist, electronic special gas and OLED materials. It thus could be found that the growth of these materials could be expected in the future.

Location of The Exhibition:

SNIEC (Longyang Road 2345, Pudong New District, Shanghai)-E1E2 Pavilion

Division of The Pavilion:

Enterprises to Be Invited:

Enterprises to Be Invited