As the foundation of building the country and basis of reinforcing the country, Chinese manufacturing industry has undergone hundred years’ industrialization process of the developed countries, and created the miracle in the development history of the human. The independent and complete modern industrial system covering extensive fields has been built. Up to the present, it has already been evolved into the main engine propelling the global industrial growth.

Having learned, imitated and creating Chinese brand, China has already been integrated into the global big market along with the entry into the WTO to enjoy dividends from the globalization. Domestic manufacturing enterprises have turned China into “the world factory” rapidly by actively participating in global value chain division. Simultaneously, China has rapidly carried forward its economic growth and industrialization process and also has made huge contributions to the establishment of the global industry chain by implementing the opening up policy. In addition, domestic excellent manufacturing enterprises have also begun going out to the world.

Being evolved from the manufacturing factory into the high-end industrial chain, great achievement has been made in the development of the display panel industry in the Chinese mainland recently. The discourse power of LCD is gradually taken over. Along with the increasing demands for ultra large screens and high-end display products, the construction of advanced panels has been evolved into the main competitive fields of the display industry. At the present, the advanced production lines under construction and being planned worldwide are basically based in the Chinese mainland, which means that ultra large panels including 65 and 75 inch will be mainly manufactured in the Chinese mainland in the years to come. However, in the productivity of AMOLED may be increased 2020 along with the positive layout of manufacturers such as BOE, CSOT, Tianma, Visionox and EverDisplay Optronics. By then, Chinese mainland will jointly dominate the development of OLED industry with Korea.

Under the drive of policy of expanding domestic demands, the gravity of the consumer electronics industry is gradually shifted to China, which greatly facilitates the prosperity of the Chinese consumer electronics industry and turns China into the market with largest output of consumer electronics products, largest space for consumer growth, largest value of export, most product types and most complete industry chains worldwide. By contrast, the sales volume of the electronic consumer markets including Europe and America is declining. At the present, the Asian consumer electronics product market scale has been equivalent to that of America and Western Europe, which is the fundamental reason for the gravity of global electronic exhibition to China from the Europe and America.

As estimated by the expert, China has already been evolved into the global largest consumer electronics product manufacturing base and super market of consumer electronics products in the world. Under the drive of these two factors, UDE arises at the right moment.


The unprecedented success has been made in UDE2019, which is high praised by numerous enterprises an audiences. More than 30 thousand audiences from 13 countries and regions attended the exhibition. As deemed as the most professional display technology gala with the most novel exhibits, UDE2019 has attracted numerous peers, enterprise teams, press corps and students. Meanwhile, many scientific and technological enthusiasts, overseas buyers, elite school students and parents were attracted to enjoy the gala. Especially, hundreds of journalists gave live report!

Related Data of UDE2019

Related Data of UDE2019

From July 31 2020 to August 2 2020 (same period of China Joy), the 2nd UDE2020 of higher standard and larger scale will be solemnly held in SNIEC. It will be themed by “viewing the world on screen and enjoying life in a smart way”, including two sub-exhibitions such as New Display Technology and Display Materials & Equipment. There will be 3 theme areas such as Flexible Folding & QD & Micro LED Ecology. The area of the exhibition will exceed 20 thousand m2. The audiences will witness the latest display technologies and products nowadays. It’s expected that there will be more than 50 thousand audiences and 200 exhibition participant enterprises.