From July 31 2020 to August 2 2020 (same period of China Joy), the 2nd UDE2020 of higher standard and larger scale will be solemnly held in SNIEC. It will be themed by “better screen, better life”, including two sub-exhibitions such as New-type Display Technology and New-type Display Materials & Equipment. There will be 3 theme areas such as Flexible Folding & QD & Micro LED Ecology. The area of the exhibition will exceed 20 thousand m2. The audiences will witness the latest display technologies and products nowadays. It’s expected that there will be more than 50 thousand audiences and 200 exhibition participant enterprises.





Su Wenguang

General Manager of TV Business Department of Media Tek Smart Home Business Group

Chen-Ke Hsu

Dr. Chen-Ke Hsu is CTO of Sanan Optoelectronics Corporation


Currently, he is the vice director of Tech

Kazuto Nishikawa

Started to work in Topcon corp.from 1981 in international sales dept. In 1994 moved to work in Hong Kong as senior sales manager covering China and Hong Kong market to promote Topcon optical instrument. After 7 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai, moved back

Chenghui Yan

CEO of Beijing Xianxin Technology Co., LTD.

Tony Wang

Deputy General Manager of TCL Electronics Global R&D Center

Aaron Zhang

He has a bachelor's degree in vacuum technology application and a master's degree in automation engineering from HKUST. He has been engaged in FPD display industry for a long time with nearly 20 years of industry experience. He has been engaged in design,

Weidong Liu

Liu Weidong is currently the chief scientist of Hisense Video Technology Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of research and development center of Hisense electronic information group, and IEC Senior expert of TC110 electronic display technical standard com

Jianping Liu

In June 2004, he received his doctorate from the Institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences. From July 2004 to September 2006, he worked in the Optoelectronic Technology Laboratory of Beijing University of technology. From October 2006 to Ap

Weisheng Wang

Experts of IEC / TC110 laser display working group (wg10), optical measurement working group (wg13), member of national flat panel display Standardization Committee (SAC / tc547) and national optical and photonics Standardization Technical Committee (SAC

Luo Zhong

Dr. Luo Zhong, chairman of the study group 16 of the standardization Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union, leads the standardization work of international industry and academic circles in the fields of AI and health care, intelligent visual

Huang Weidong

Huang Weidong, born in 1967, doctor, senior engineer of electronic technology. He joined TCL Group in 2001 and now works in TCL csot. He has been engaged in flat panel display technology research and standardization for a long time TC110 (electronic di

Liu Yue

Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of optoelectronics, Beijing University of technology; director of Institute of optoelectronic information technology and color engineering; deputy director of Beijing mixed reality and new display engineering te

Wen Junwei

He is currently the chief expert of 8K transmission technology and Standard Committee and the general manager of business department of Shenzhen Hehong Industrial Co., Ltd. Participated in the USB 3.1 type-C plug-in conference hosted by USB if in the Uni

Wang Danli

Wang Danli, female, PhD, researcher, doctoral supervisor, Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Research interests: complex systems and integration, artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, human-computer integration, deep lear


Academician Ouyang Zhongcan was born in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province in 1946. He is a theoretical physicist, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1997), an academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences (2003), a member of the international

Jin Yongnan

At present, he is the general manager of consumer intelligent display business unit of Riad group and President of global consumer business of planar. To undertake the strategic layout of leading enterprise of LED display industry, lyad group, to enter th

Martin Lee

Martin Lee is the founder of Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300162)

Ruan Jun

Independently founded the Japanese huile Co., Ltd., which is specialized in LCD industry; Over the next decade, he has successively established Ningbo Shitai Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen huile optoelectronic Co., Ltd Huixian investment and development

Liu Tangzhi

President of CVIA and President of Skyworth

Zhao Jun

Vice president of TCL technology and senior vice president of CSOT

Liu Xianrong

Chief scientist and deputy general manager of Qingdao Hisense laser display Co., Ltd


General manager of Goldman Sachs (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Geng Juncheng

General Manager of LED Display Division of CHIPONE

Wang Shuo

Deputy director of applied basic department, Department of Otolaryngology, Beijing Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, and executive director of Audiology undergraduate education program of Capital Medical University.

Ji Honglei

Optical system engineer, electronic R & D center, TCL Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd

Chen Long

Chairman of Wuxi simile Technology Co., Ltd

Qiu Xuejun

Chairman of Huiren Kangning (Suzhou) Health Technology Co., Ltd

Li Feng

Projector product manager of Sony (China) Co., Ltd

Chen Yi

Director of Industrial Development Department of China Hualu group

Xu Lixin

Chairman of Hefei all color light display technology Co., Ltd

Kang Jian

Deputy general manager of R & D center of Changhong laser display technology company

He Jingguo

Vice president of Novartis Nebula Technology Co., Ltd

Wang Cheng

CEO of TCL Electronic/Chairman of 8K Committee

Li Xiaoshuang

General Manager of Television Department of MI Electronic

Wang Zhiguo

Chairman of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd.

Li Tinghan

China Marketing Strategy Consultant of LGD

Peng Junbiao

Professor of South China University of Technology

Rob Tobias

HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. CEO

Liu Xiangchun

Supplier Manager of Continental Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Wen Jianping

General Manager of AVC Revo

Gao Yuling

General Manager of Hisense Laser Display Co., Ltd.

Hu Fei

VP/CTO of Shenzhen Appotronics Corporation Ltd.

Zhao Hailong

Zhao Hailong

Peng Wei

Vice President of Suzhou Syndiant Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Huo Binzhong

R&D Director of Shenzhen Sunnypol Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Zhao Weiming

Chief Engineer, Sichuan Ag-Ray New Materials Co., Ltd.

Qiu Xiaohua

General Manager of Nantong Weiyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Wen Hongfu

Chairman of Dongguan Omat Sputtering Target Co., Ltd.

Liu Chuanbiao

R&D Director of Foshan NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Xiong Qilong

Director of Shenzhen Upermask Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Feng Mingming

Vice President of Chongqing Advanced Display Technology Research Institute (HKC)

Lai Huahang

Vice General Manager of Equipment Department, Zhejiang Sunflux Electron Co., Ltd.

Zhang Chong

Vice President and Chief Engineer of Bengbu Glass Industry Design Institute of China Building Materials, General Manager of Bengbu China Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Tong Shengzhi

General Manager of Changzhou Youji Optical Display Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Liang Longyan

Assistant General Manager of AVC Revo

Wang Dongchun

Research Director of AVC Revo

Shi Duo

Analyst of AVC Revo

Qungang Ma

Expert of CEC Panda

Renyuan Zhu

Technical support manager of Empyrean

Lisa Li

General manager of Sigmaintell

Qun Zhang

Professor of Fudan University

Bo Yuan

Flexible display project manager of Visionox

Boru Yang

Professor of Zhongshan University

Pengle Dang

Manager of Visionox

Jiangang Lu

Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Honglei Ji

Senior engineer of TCL

Rongge Sun

Component manager of Lenovo Group

Minqiang Feng

Professor of Suzhou University

Hongming Zhan

Director of BOE product platform development

Qing Ma

Vehicle development director of BOE

Jun Xia

Professor of Southeast University

Haizheng Zhong

Professor, Beijing University of Technology

Liang Xing

Senior expert of advanced technology research institute of Tianma Group

Hailiang Wang

XiaMen Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Expert

Qun Yan

SID China President



  • We mainly displayed QLED 8K TV and AI*IoT smart home scenario. The concept of “TV is the core of whole home” is better manifested on the platform of UDE. We would like to wish UDE a better future!

  • By holding a series of product supporting activities at UDE, Samsung introduced Samsung 8K new products to the audiences at close range to closely associate the product with consumers in more display ways. The company hopes that UDE could attract all its counterparts from different industries and upper and lower reaches of the industry, arouse the attentions of all consumer groups from the industry and other industries and finally facilitate the overall development of the whole display industry.

  • We displayed new OLED technology in the exhibition area of LG Display. There were a lot of star exhibits in our exhibition area, including transparent OLED product, double-sided wave connecting screen, OLED wallpaper TV and crystal sound TV. etc. We warmly welcome all customers to LG exhibition area and also wish UDE a better future!

  • Firstly, we would like to thank UDE for providing such good platform, so that Xiaomi with only 9 years’ development history and Xiaomi TV with only 6 years’ development history could learn from other peers in the industry and exhibits products. In this way, more people could come to know about the product developed by Xiaomi. Meanwhile, we also wish UDE a better future!

  • By participating in the exhibition, we think UDE is a very cool platform showing the internet technology enterprises. We feel honored to attend UDE and also wish UDE a better future! UDE contributes more and better powers to the whole industry as a burgeoning exhibition.

  • UDE is the first platform exhibiting the display industry. We feel honored to feel the grand occasion of the exhibition as the participant enterprise. Good effect has been achieved from the perspective of exhibitor’s strength, audiences’ professionalism and passenger flow on the field. We also wish UDE a better future. We would like to work with UDE together!

  • UDE has been successfully held. There are professional industry experts, peers and customers consulting our products. We wish UDE a better future and larger scale! Smart life will be brought in the future!

  • All that also like to give a greating for next year show. UDE 2020 everybody please come back. And we will see all the great new products next year.



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